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They Still Got Next

10 More Pickup Hoops Players You'll Meet in Hell
We tried to warn you. Then you tried to warn us.

Two summers ago, Page 2 published a guide to the eight most annoying pickup basketball player types, the archetypal characters spoiling good runs from coast to coast. Like the guy whose ectoplasmic sweat wouldn't be out of place in a "Ghostbusters" sequel. Or the dude who thinks he's a coach on the floor, demanding that you ROTATE, even though you are not, in fact, on academic scholarship.

Seriously, we hate that guy.

As it turns out, eight was not enough. Because you sent us hundreds of e-mails, packed with dozens of suggestions. We read them all, laughed, felt your pain. And with that misery in mind, we present 10 more bad pickup players.

As always, share the court with them at your peril ...

Kurt Snibbe and

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