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From politics to sports to culture, the year in dubiousness
Why a botched Washington Wizards fast break was my sports moment of 2012
Looking back at the year that was
Looking back at the year that was
Looking back at the year that was
The year in memorable pieces
Amateurism, Ohio State and the rise of the NCAA security state
The end is near for the Maya calendar doomsday myth
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on the NHL lockout and pro hockey's future prospects
Hobbyist explores a frightening scenario
My interview with NPR's "Only a Game"
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on Josh Hamilton, MLB free agency and our national obsession with offseason wheeling and dealing
National intelligence, "Global Trends 2030" and why expert forecasters usually get predictions wrong
How BountyGate was a distraction from the NFL's existential violence problem
Special Blog Announcement: I'm teaching a sports journalism class at Georgetown
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on Jovan Belcher, Bob Costas and making sense of horror
1973 murder of Israeli military attache outside home in D.C. suburb remains a mystery
Marines expanding use of meditation training
Adderall, the NFL and why cognitive enhancement will mean the end of sports doping sanctimony
The Atlantic sports roundtable on Jamaal Charles, Peyton Manning, postgame autographs and the end of personal animosity between athletic riv...
Talking brain trauma and the ethics of football fandom on HuffPost Live
Anonymous engineer crafts audacious online plan to build a real-life "Star Trek" USS Enterprise
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable asks: will the Borg Ten, SuperPac and other Mutant Conferences Kill the NCAA?
An open letter to Sir Paul McCartney, regarding his request that America forego Thanksgiving turkey
Shabazz Muhammad, "impermissible benefits" and why it's past time for the NCAA to drop amateurism
Following Romney defeat, hard-core libertarian Eric Dondero strives to banish Democrats from his life
The Atlantic sports roundtable on the rebooted Big Ten, sympathy for Coach Cal, the timeless joys of Kansas fandom and the new season of NCA...
A few questions for Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria
Liberals offer coping advice to distraught conservatives following Obama reelection
Talking college sports with Dave Zirin on Edge of Sports radio
The Atlantic sports roundtable's NFL 2012 midseason awards
How the 2012 presidential election was really a battle for female voters
How everything from sports scores to shark attacks can tip close elections 
How college football scores could affect the 2012 presidential election (no, really)
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on the new NBA season
The nation's capital during Superstorm Sandy
Everything you wanted to know about political ad voiceover actors but were afraid to ask
The doping cyclist's real sin? Being human - and making it easy for us to think otherwise
The biggest debate blunders -- and how to avoid them (Part II!)
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable bids Alex Rodriguez adieu
The biggest debate blunders -- and how to avoid them (Part I!)
Talking brain trauma, amateurism and more with the League of Fans
Dear bitter rival GMs who wanted the Washington Nationals to lose: enjoy your schadenfreude while you can
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on USADA's Lance Armstrong report
Even in a loss, Washington was just happy to see playoff baseball
Meet Tony Mendez, the CIA agent behind the faux-Hollywood rescue of six Americans from revolutionary Iran
Daisy Girl, Hanging Chad Guy and more: Catching up with presidential campaign overnight celebrities ( updated regularly!)
How does Washington Nationals manager Davey Johnson stay sharp with age? The answer may lie in neuroplasticity
The Atlantic sports roundtable on the fallout from the NFL's replacement referee debacle
The nation's capital has two obsessions: The race for the White House and the race for the NL pennant
Why the NFL referee lockout is a matter of leverage
The Atlantic sports roundtable weighs in
Why it's so hard to get a beer around Nationals Park - and how that's about to change
Why unwritten rules are meant to be broken
Talking Dock Ellis and the morality of watching football
Looking for divine inspiration at the Democratic National Convention
At Democratic convention, GOP surrogate plays high-stakes game of political football
Protestors mull value of platform for civil liberty
Lines get long for T-shirts, trinkets at Democratic convention
The Long, Strange Trip of Dock Ellis
How a muffin explains Mitt Romney
The Atlantic sports roundtable tackles the new college football season
1960s oral history project becomes lifetime quest to right wrong
Six steps toward reconciliation for Chief Justice John Roberts and the Right
The Olympics show why college sports should give up on amateurism
When a well-adjusted Virginia teen suddenly killed himself, his parents looked for warning signs they had missed. But Austin had no dark sec...
More from Chris Gavagan on Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno and why the Penn State child sex abuse scandal is far from over
The Atlantic sports roundtable on the Jeremy Lin fiasco
In opposition research class, students search for more than political 'silver bullets'
A Q&A with "Coached Into Silence" director Chris Gavagan
The Atlantic sports roundtable on the Freeh Report and the nuclear option
Why Rep. Tim Ryan thinks mindfulness is the cure for America's ills
Finally.  After decades of disconnected bowls and the much-maligned BCS system, big-time college football announced plans for a four-team ...
When Dale Earnhardt Jr. snapped a four- year  winless streak two weeks ago, it was huge news in NASCAR Nation -- and a hey-how-'bout-t...
A little respect for America's "weird little episode?"
George Washington's personally annotated Constitution could fetch millions
A wise person -- probably Elizabeth Taylor; possibly John Madden and/or Charlie Sheen -- once noted that winning is the best deodorant. In...
Masochistic marathon for a soft society?
Very good, of course. Right on the cusp of great. In this week's Atlantic Sports Roundtable, we discuss the NBA's Next Big Thing: ...
Little kids will still be smashing each other's brains. Only now a bit less often.  Such is the news out of Pop Warner, the nation'...
Serena Williams is out. But is she over?   In this week's Atlantic Sports Roundtable, we discuss what Williams' opening round loss...
Is football-related brain trauma the latest front in America's culture wars?
Donated roses honor fallen heroes at Arlington Cemetery
A wise man -- probably Jesus; possibly President Obama when dealing with Congressional Republicans during the first two years of his admin...
The Baltimore Orioles lead the league. The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are a bigger factor on ESPN than in the American League Eas...
When it comes to sports, dictators have a competitive edge
The lockout-abbreviated NBA season was akin to a lukewarm shower: better than nothing, but deeply unsatisfying.  At least to me. In the la...
For artists in Putin's Russia, Cold War echoes of Soviet repression
Can the Washington Nationals make DC a baseball town?
Euthanized horses. Anorexic jockeys. And, of course, mint juleps. In this week's edition of the Atlantic online sports roundtable, we ...
The fix isn't in
A Q&A with "United States of Football" director Sean Pamphilon
Experts speak out on the Presidential Peril of the White House Correspondent's Dinner
Why the White House Correspondents' Dinner is comedy's toughest room
A guide to draft day lingo
According to Karl Rove, Obama is ... too cool?
In the wake of the elbow heard 'round the sports cable television world, the question du jour is what the National Basketball Associa...
Humility is nice. On the other hand, so are awards. Over the weekend, I was fortunate enough to win two from Virginia Press Association: a...
National Hockey League playoff ratings are up. So is violence within the sport. Coincidence? In this week's Atlantic Sports Roundtable...
Image of Obama burning Constitution sets Jon McNaughton's career aflame
The thing about cliches is that most of them are true. Otherwise, they wouldn't be cliched. To wit: the bigger they come, the harder t...
Giggle-based politics
Gaze upon it, ye deep-fried chicken fingers, ye oversized soft ice cream cones, ye sagging baskets of chili-cheese nachos. And despair. As...
Ozzie Guillen is not in the business of winning games. Neither is Bobby Petrino. For that matter, nobody  in sports is in the business of ...
Frustrated D.C. lawyer ditches cubicle to chase entrepreneurial fantasy sports dream
A fond farewell to the candidate's silliest spots
Oops. Forgot to post this last week. I've been busy reporting some other projects. Anyway, Major League Baseball is back -- and just b...
Is the NFL losing control of the narrative around the Gregg Williams tape?
Last night, I gave a guest lecture to a Georgetown University journalism class. (And yes, I was invited to do so; I can only assume that M...
My Business Insider debate case for dumping amateurism
The conservative case against the NCAA and amateurism
Shaken, stirred or just absurd?
Earlier this week, my Washington Times colleague Nathan Fenno broke the news that former Washington Redskins quarterback Mark Rypien is t...
An interview with "Illegal Procedure" author Josh Luchs
Do's and don'ts for conservative "Real Time" panelists
So: I really have nothing against UFC kingpin Dana White. Or against mixed martial arts. The sport doesn't really float my boat -- th...
Getting a little crazy in the online attention economy
Tim Tebow is kind of a big deal. And so is the guy -- Petyon something? --  that replaced him in Denver. In the most recent edition of the...
BountyGate, Sean Payton and messages sent
I thought Tim Tebow might be different. Through hard work, outrageously good luck and sheer, guileless charisma, I thought he could avoid ...
SCENE: The New York Jets' meeting room. Head coach REX RYAN has just completed a preseason film review. He is visibly agitated. RYAN: ...
Rockwell had a feeling: somebody was watching him. Granted, the somebodies in question likely were waiting for Michael Jackson to sing the...
Out of 'hobby' class, pilotless aircraft lifting off for personal, commercial use
The time is ripe for a March Madness strike
Like any Republican presidential contender worth his salt, Newt Gingrich has a Southern strategy.  That is: the former Speaker of the Hous...
Is it possible to win your NCAA tournament office pool? No. Yes. Er, maybe. This week's Atlantic online sports roundtable offers frien...
So: I finally decided to upgrade to 2007-era functionality with my website and blog. I also needed a place to hang all of my various writ...
Chris Jones, Chris Ballard, Tom Lake and now  ... me. Good thing batting .750 makes you a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Fellow journalist Br...
Disenchanted with Obama? Meh about Mitt Romney? Firmly convinced that rent is too damn high and what the nation needs now is a Mars colony...