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Patrick Hruby

The "Moneyball" Movie Scripts

What the coming film might look like

"We have the dramatic building blocks."
-- Director Steven Soderbergh, on the upcoming "Moneyball" movie

When Hollywood announced plans to adapt Michael Lewis' best-selling book "Moneyball," we couldn't help but wonder, are moviemakers also going to film "The Tipping Point"?

"The World Is Flat"?


"Chicken Soup for the Soul"?

"Moneyball" is a terrific book. First-class reporting. Polished writing. Fascinating ideas. It's also essentially a meditation on market inefficiencies, wrapped in a baseball bow, and lacking the dramatic arc and character development found in just about every movie. Even ones directed by Michael Bay.

So, what is Tinseltown going to do?

We don't know. We're not sure Soderbergh even knows. Which means we're left to speculate -- what would a "Moneyball" movie potentially look like, if helmed by other famous directors?

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