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Patrick Hruby


So: I finally decided to upgrade to 2007-era functionality with my website and blog. I also needed a place to hang all of my various writing hats. This is the result. Really hope you like it. A few of the new features:

* The spiffy above carousel, where you can find some of my latest pieces, and also archival stuff I feel like showcasing;

* My new and improved blog, where I'll be sharing takes and random thoughts much more frequently;

* Tabbed categories for my archives, where you can browse and enjoy some of my favorite previous work;

* Featured articles along the right sidebar, a place where I'll be putting a random, changing mix of good reads past and present;

* About, CV and Contact tabs -- plus the social networking Connect buttons to the right -- if you want to learn more about me or get in touch.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Oh, and if you have any suggestions about how I can make this site a better reader experience, do share. This is definitely a work in progress.