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Patrick Hruby

Is football-related brain trauma the latest front in America's culture wars?
Donated roses honor fallen heroes at Arlington Cemetery
A wise man -- probably Jesus; possibly President Obama when dealing with Congressional Republicans during the first two years of his admin...
The Baltimore Orioles lead the league. The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are a bigger factor on ESPN than in the American League Eas...
When it comes to sports, dictators have a competitive edge
The lockout-abbreviated NBA season was akin to a lukewarm shower: better than nothing, but deeply unsatisfying.  At least to me. In the la...
For artists in Putin's Russia, Cold War echoes of Soviet repression
Can the Washington Nationals make DC a baseball town?
Euthanized horses. Anorexic jockeys. And, of course, mint juleps. In this week's edition of the Atlantic online sports roundtable, we ...
The fix isn't in
A Q&A with "United States of Football" director Sean Pamphilon