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Patrick Hruby

My 2012 Personal Best: Columns and Essays

Looking back at the year that was

I write for a lot of places, about a lot of subjects, in a variety of different styles. So when I look over my 2012 output, the word that comes to mind is ... dizzying.

Anyway, here are my favorite columns and essays that I wrote this year. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did:

"The SportsCenter-ization of Political Journalism," The Atlantic online
Why treating politics like sports is bad for America.

"Super Bowl Monday," The PostGame
The fully-researched, (semi)serious case for making the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday.

"It's Time To Strike Against The NCAA," The PostGame
The case for a college athlete work stoppage.

"The Case Against the NFL," The PostGame
The concussion lawsuits and the league's moral culpability.

"The Nittany Lying King," The PostGame
In his final interview, Joe Paterno attempts to defend himself -- and fails.

"Bad Checks," Sports on Earth
Amateurism, Ohio State and the rise of the NCAA security state.

"Parlor Trick," Sports on Earth
How BountyGate was a distraction from the NFL's existential violence problem.

"Looking For an Edge," Sports on Earth
Adderall, the NFL and why cognitive enhancement will mean the end of sports doping sanctimony.

"Amateur Hour," Sports on Earth
Shabazz Muhammad, "impermissible benefits" and why it's past time for the NCAA to drop amateurism.

"The Long Con," Sports on Earth
A few questions for Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria.

"The Lance Armstrong Delusion," Sports on Earth
The doping cyclist's real sin? Being human - and making it easy for us to think otherwise.

"Follow the Ring(s)leader," The Atlantic online
The Olympics show why college sports should give up on amateurism.