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Patrick Hruby

My 2012 Personal Best: Long Form and Features

Looking back at the year that was

I write for a lot of places, about a lot of subjects, in a variety of different styles. So when I look over my 2012 output, the word that comes to mind is ... dizzying.

Anyway, here are my favorite long form and feature pieces that I wrote this year. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did:

"The Truth is Out There," The PostGame
From the 1985 NBA Draft Lottery to the Olympics to game-fixing, through the looking glass of sports conspiracy theories.

"Did Football Kill Austin Trenum?" Washingtonian magazine
When a well-adjusted Virginia teen suddenly killed himself, his parents looked for warning signs they had missed. But Austin had no dark secret, no teen angst. There was nothing—except for a concussion he had sustained during a football game a few days earlier.

"The Long, Strange Trip of Dock Ellis,"
Meet the man behind baseball's most psychedelic myth.

"Game Over," Sports on Earth
Why I can't watch football anymore.

"Let's Eliminate Sports Welfare," Sports on Earth
Fellow taxpayers: it's time to take a stand against government sports giveaways.

"End Game," The PostGame
Brain trauma and the future of youth football in America.

"What's All the Fuzz About?" The PostGame
I survived Mascot Boot Camp.

"Going Rogue," The PostGame
Meet the Detroit Pride, the NFL cheerleaders who aren't.