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My 2012 Personal Best: Politics and Culture

Looking back at the year that was

I write for a lot of places, about a lot of subjects, in a variety of different styles. So when I look over my 2012 output, the word that comes to mind is ... dizzying.

Anyway, here are my favorite politics and culture pieces that I wrote this year. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did:

"If You Can't Beat 'Em, Ban 'Em," The Washington Times.
Following Romney defeat, hard-core libertarian Eric Dondero strives to banish Democrats from his life.

"Hail to the Chiefs," Sports on Earth.
The nation's capital has two obsessions: The race for the White House and the race for the NL pennant.

"Drones Prepare for Liftoff," The Washington Times.
The coming era of civilian drone use.

"Amped America," The Washington Times.
Our national caffeine addiction races full speed ahead.

"Electoral College Gameday," Sports on Earth.
How college football scores could affect the 2012 presidential election (no, really).

"Harm School?" The Washington Times.
In opposition research class, students search for more than political 'silver bullets.'

"The Meditating Congressman," The Washington Times.
Why Rep. Tim Ryan thinks mindfulness is the cure for America's ills.

"Too Big Not to Fail?" The Washington Times.
How anti-fat bias could affect the 2012 presidential election.

"In 'Argo,' Reel Life Meets Real Life," The Washington Times.
Meet Tony Mendez, the CIA agent behind the faux-Hollywood rescue of six Americans from revolutionary Iran

"Voices of ... America?" The Washington Times.
Everything you wanted to know about political ad voiceover actors but were afraid to ask.

"No Trouble With the Curve," The Washington Times.
How does Washington Nationals manager Davey Johnson stay sharp with age? The answer may lie in neuroplasticity.

"When He Strays," The Washington Times.
Six steps toward reconciliation for Chief Justice John Roberts and the Right

"Maher-tyrs," The Washington Times.
Bill Maher and "Real Time": a conservative guest survival guide.

"Where Are They Now?" The Washington Times.
Daisy Girl, Hanging Chad Guy and more: Catching up with presidential campaign overnight celebrities.

"The Scene from Charlotte," The Washington Times.
Or, how I went to the Democratic National Convention and all I got were these lousy articles.

"The Non-Maverick," The Washington Times.
How a muffin explains Mitt Romney.

"Political Ads Go Viral, But Are They Viable?" The Washington Times.
The wacky, offensive new world of online political ads.

"Fly Him Away," The Washington Times.
"Star Trek"-minded engineer creates plan to build a real-life U.S.S. Enterprise.