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Goodbye, Hello

I'm moving to Sports on Earth

So, a major change of (web) address to report: as of March 1, I'm leaving my culture-writing day job at The Washington Times and signing on with Sports on Earth.

And yeah, I'm pretty excited to share this news. Even more excited to live this news. I've been freelancing regularly for Sports on Earth, and it's a great fit. Great opportunity, too. The editors are smart and encouraging. The staff is experienced and diverse. The site itself is relatively small, still very new, and more or less a startup. (Albeit a startup with some big-time backers in USA Today Sports Media and Major League Baseball Advanced Media). The last part is especially appealing, because being a startup means getting to experiment and take risks and figure out what works without being boxed in by editorial preconceptions or preexisting institutional culture. Obviously, that's a huge draw for me, and I think it's apparent in some of the pieces I've already written for the site. Moreover, I'm thrilled to be a part of something that's just starting out, something I can help grow -- and in the process of doing so, grow a bit more myself.

If you're a fan of my work -- and by monitoring the traffic for this site, I know for a fact that there are literally dozens of you out there -- you'll see me writing on sports a lot more often. Columns, essays, features, riffs and rants, those hard-to-pin-down cross-genre pieces I tend to write regularly. Time and opportunities permitting, some narrative long form. Some humor as well. You'll still be able to find me at The Atlantic online's Sports Roundtable, and writing the occasional non-sports piece for Washingtonian magazine, The Atlantic online and elsewhere. It has been enriching and educational to write about non-sports stuff for The Washington Times, and I can't thank the paper enough for the opportunity -- particularly my editor, Danny Wattenberg, who not only allowed but encouraged me to pursue stories about everything from a meditating Congressman to the real-life spies behind "Argo" to an online dating detective to the Unelectable Heaviness of Being Newt Gingrich.

Anyway, time to get started. I have a lot of work to do. And that's great.