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Defending the Indefensible

Pop Quiz: Defending the Confederate Flag … or the Washington Redskins’ Nickname?

Sports on Earth

Whatever you think of the Washington Redskins’ nickname, one thing is certain: the language and logic in National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell’s recent letter to Congress defending the moniker sounds familiar. Very familiar.

In fact, Goodell’s arguments — and others for maintaining the Redskins’ status quo — are practically indistinguishable from arguments supporting the Confederate flag. How so? Take our below quiz to find out:

For each item, correctly identify the subject it refers to: Confederate flag or Redskins’ nickname?

1. The flag/nickname is a “unifying force that stands for strength, courage, pride and respect.”

2. The flag/nickname represents ”proud Americans.”

3. The flag/nickname honors “courage and heritage.”

4. The “heritage” of the flag/nickname is “very honorable.”

5. “Neither in intent or use was the flag/nickname ever meant to denigrate … or offend any group.”

6. The “true meaning” of the flag/nickname has “nothing to do with racial hatred.”

7. ”There’s nothing [about the flag/nickname] that we feel is offensive. And we’re proud of our history.”

8. The flag/nickname ”means something more to us. Heritage, not hate.”

9. ”Listen, [the flag/nickname] is part of our history and part of our heritage, and if you don’t like it you can go somewhere else.”

10. “We will NEVER change the flag/nickname.”

Answer Key

1. Redskins nickname. From Goodell’s letter to Congress.

2. Confederate flag. From a letter penned by Ben Jones, the actor who played mechanic Cooter Davenport on the “Dukes of Hazzard” television show. No, really.

3. Redskins nickname. From Goodell’s letter to Congress.

4. Confederate flag. From then-South Carolina state representative Joe “you lie!” Wilson in 2000.

5. Redskins nickname. From Goodell’s letter to Congress.

6. Confederate flag. From a 1996 speech by former South Carolina Gov. David Beasley.

7. Redskins nickname. From team general manager Bruce Allen.

8. Confederate flag. From a Facebook post by Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Gary Rossington in which the band backtracked from a previous pledge to stop displaying the flag at its concerts.

9. Confederate flag. From a Florida barbershop owner who flies a Confederate flag at his workplace.

10. Redskins nickname. From ALL CAPS-loving team owner Dan Snyder.

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