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Patrick Hruby

Hello, Hruby Tuesday

Talking the NFL concussion lawsuit with Paul D. Anderson on Episode 1 of my new podcast

Sports on Earth

I was late to Twitter. Late to owning an iPhone. Late to having my own website. Even now, I still have to remind myself to bother with Facebook. All of which is why I'm excited to introduce my first-ever podcast -- I've heard great things about technology and new media, circa 2006.

(Note to 2006 self: buy Apple, dump Bear Stearns, hold off on condo purchase, do not write column about Tiger Woods inevitably surpassing Jack Nicklaus. You're welcome.)

In all seriousness, though, I'm overdue. So welcome to Hruby Tuesday. Every week -- and maybe more often if the opportunity presents itself -- I'll be talking to someone smart about sports topics that go beyond the field of play.

Here's what I can promise: the guests will be interesting. The conversation will be candid. The opinions will be informed. I won't offer hot "first takes" (ahem) -- but I will listen and try to learn something, so that you can, too. The show will never, ever, ever cover athletic legacy, power rankings, draft boards, quarterback eliteness or quien es mas macho, Kobe or LeBron? It will feature authors, experts, people like Victor Conte -- spoiler alert: coming soon! -- and in-the-know guests who are allergic to brain-dead talking points and shallow soundbites.

This week's guest is Paul D. Anderson, a lawyer and founder of We break down the National Football League concussion lawsuits, the case against the league, the odds of a settlement, the curious case of Elliott Pellman and more.