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Patrick Hruby

Radio Free Hruby: Northwestern Football Tries to Unionize

My chat with NPR's "Only A Game"

I recently joined Bill Littlefield of NPR's "Only A Game" to discuss members of the Northwestern University football team attempting to unionize. An excerpt:

Littlefield: What led to Tuesday’s request for a union by Northwestern’s football players?

Hruby: The players basically feel like this is the best–and maybe the only–way that they’re going to have a voice when the NCAA and its member schools make decisions about the policies and the rules and the whole structure of college sports that affects their daily lives. If you look at what they are asking for, their initial demands are not, as many people seem to think, “pay us.”
Their demands are actually, “We want much better protection for head trauma.” They also want better protection in terms of their normal healthcare. The NCAA does not have to cover these athletes in terms of health insurance. They're kind of on their own when they incur these injuries playing college football.
Click here to hear the full interview at Only A Game