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Patrick Hruby


Patrick Hruby is an award-winning journalist who lives with his lovely wife, Saphira, and the world's greatest golden retriever in Washington, D.C. A contributing editor at VICE Sports, he is a former adjunct professor at Georgetown University and a fellow at the University of Texas. His work also has appeared in Washingtonian, ESPN The Magazine, Reader's DigestThe Washington Times, USA Today, Playboy and on ESPN.comThe Atlantic onlineSports on Earth, Esquire online, Politico Magazine online, The PostGame, The New York Times online, ESPNw,, Business Insider and the UK Guardian online. Five of his features have been selected for The Best American Sports Writing anthology.

A Georgetown graduate, Patrick holds a master's degree from Northwestern University and specializes in intelligent, powerful, witty and insightful writing, reporting and editing on a wide variety of sports (and non-sports) related subjects, including the failed Sports War on Doping; the racial injustice of big-time college sports; the tragic, concussion-related suicide of a former college football player; the national outrage that is Sports Welfare; the Oliver Stone-shaming world of sports conspiracy theories; the man behind the myth of Dock Ellis' LSD no-hitter; the head-spinning possible murder of Pakistan's national cricket coach; and a bloody, anthropological Valentine to hockey goons and the men who love them. Oh, and also, how ballpark food hijacks your brain. Try not to panic.

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