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Patrick Hruby

Writer, editor, and journalist

Welcome! I’m Deputy Editor at Washingtonian magazine, where I manage, edit, write, report, and spend too much time thinking about the forever War on Rats in our nation’s capital. (We're losing). I’ve previously worked as an editor or writer for ESPN, VICE, Sports on Earth, Global Sport Matters, and The Washington Times, and I’ve contributed to publications including The Atlantic, The Guardian, The Los Angeles Times, and The Washington Post.

In addition, I’ve worked as a communications consultant; produced a newsletter; taught journalism at my undergraduate alma mater, Georgetown University; been a fellow at the University of Texas; and been a guest, moderator, and host on television, documentaries, talk radio, podcasts, and panel discussions. So yes: I keep myself busy! I’m perpetually curious and have spent much of my career using sports to learn and write about everything else, such as the medical mystery of 9/11 responders suffering from early onset cogntive decline, the man behind the myth of Dock Ellis' LSD no-hitter, the rabbit hole house of mirrors of sports conspiracy theories, a maybe murder at the Cricket World Cup that was—for real—the biggest story in the world, and how Washington, DC is a city of spies. Oh, and I also once wrote an obituary for Enrico Pallazzo.

I hold a master’s degree from Northwestern University and live with my lovely wife, Saphira, and the world’s greatest golden retriever in Washington, D.C.


Articles selected for inclusion or as notable in The Best American Sports Writing anthology.


2016 Associated Press Sports Editors award for explantory writing.


Finalist for 2015 National City and Regional Magazine reporting award.


Articles selected for feature, column, sports, science, and culture writing awards.


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Article and idea conception, project and staff management, identifying and developing talent.


Film, television, and radio appearances, podcast hosting.


Class development and instruction, guest lecturing, panel moderation and participation.


Newsletters, internal and external articles and white papers, sponsored and other content.

Patrick is a magazine editor's dream. He has an intuitive knack for narrative, all the right reporting instincts, and really impressive range. I've assigned him funny and sad, sports and culture, and I've always been thrilled with what he brought back. He's also a writer who loves to be edited. Really.

Kristen Hinman

Axios Bureau Chief, Mid-Atlantic

The best part about working with Patrick was that you could give him a story idea about a familiar topic, let him go report for weeks, and be confident that he would come back with something original, thought-provoking, and insightful. A less heralded quality, but equally if not more important, is that Patrick is so incredibly dependable, which every editor knows is not a given.

Jorge Arangure

Senior Editor, The New York Times

Patrick is exactly the kind of journalist you want in your newsroom: passionate, pragmatic, versatile, a talented storyteller and a thoughtful collaborator. He has been a valuable sounding board for me over the years, and I would work with him again in a heartbeat. Please give us a million dollars to start a magazine.

Caitlin Kelly

Senior Editor, Wired

Patrick is a dogged reporter, a creative thinker, and a total professional. Ruthlessly calm under pressure and deadlines, he is a steadying presence on every project he touches, always focused on solving problems, serving client needs, and delivering the absolute best work possible.

Rafi Kohan

Author and former Head of Editorial, Atlantic Re:think

I bring a lot of professionals to my classes, and Patrick Hruby is one of my favorites. He’s smart, funny, polished and impeccably prepared – an example to my students of a modern journalist. Our program is lucky to include him as both a colleague and a friend.

Kevin Robbins

Author and Professor, University of Texas-Austin


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