05 October 2015

Radio Free Hruby: The National Sports Journalism Center

Talking journalism careers, concussions and amateurism with Indiana University's National Sports Journalism Center

02 October 2015

Mo' Money, Mo' College Football Problems

A Q&A with "Billion-Dollar Ball" author and Pulitzer Prize-winner Gil Gaul

30 September 2015

Is The Sports War On Performance-Enhancing Drugs A Failure?

A Q&A with "Doped: The Dirty Side of Sports" director Andrew Muscato

10 September 2015

Radio Free Hruby: NPR and the NFL's "Concussion" Problem

An upcoming Hollywood film raises the question: Is it ethical to be a football fan?

05 September 2015

Radio Free Hruby: NPR and Will Smith's "Concussion"

An upcoming Hollywood film takes on the NFL's brain damage cover-up

01 September 2015

Unhappy Ending

Will Smith's "Concussion" doesn't have a happy ending, and neither does the real-life NFL

18 August 2015

NLRB To Northwestern Football Union: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The National Labor Relations Board declined to assert jurisdiction over the Northwestern University football unionization case. Now what?

06 August 2015

Unsilent Treatment

If Sydney Seau doesn't speak out against the NFL, someone else will

31 July 2015

Prevent Defense

The O'Bannon injunction delay is a (relative) win for the NCAA

30 July 2015

The College Sportspocalypse That Isn't

The NCAA is fighting the O'Bannon decision with fear of the unknown

18 July 2015

Radio Free Hruby: NPR and the O'Bannon Injunction

The NCAA is asking to delay a federal injunction that would allow athlete pay

01 April 2015

College Sports Welfare

How the NCAA scams taxpayers out of millions

18 March 2015

Who Ruined the NFL Players Union?

NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith's challengers say his tenure has been a failure. Are they right?