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  • Let's Eliminate Sports Welfare

  • The Long, Strange Trip of Dock Ellis

  • Did Football Kill Austin Trenum?

  • The Truth Is Out There

10 April 2014

Why the Derrick Gordon Story Matters

Who cares about an athlete coming out? All of us should

08 April 2014

A Doctorate in Misdirection

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott is purposefully missing the point of the college athlete unionization argument

07 April 2014

“Even when she was drinking, nothing changed"

In so many ways, Julie Kroll was a typical Washington mom. Until she wasn’t

03 April 2014

Amateur Delusions

What if college sports administrators and coaches were subject to the same amateur restrictions as players?

02 April 2014

Hruby Tuesday: Episode 28

ESPN's Bomani Jones talks the NCAA and Northwestern football unionization

31 March 2014

The Death of College Amateurism

Sorry, NCAA: College athletes are employees

27 March 2014

Like a Fine Wine

Stop measuring Roger Federer against his past, and start appreciating his present

25 March 2014

Louder Than Words

Dan Snyder is right: It's about time Redskins started helping Redskins

Hruby Tuesday: Episode 27

Thinkprogress' Travis Waldron on the battle over the Washington Redskins' nickname

21 March 2014

Sanctioned Bribery

It's time to be honest about corruption in big-time sports

20 March 2014

Fighting the Wrong Battle

The NFL's lawsuit against M.I.A. is laughable