11 November 2014

Chump Change

The proposed NFL concussion settlement will cost the league peanuts

04 November 2014

The Incumbent

How Washington NFL owner Dan Snyder's nickname intransigence plays to his political base

29 October 2014

The Evil Genius of the NFL Concussion Settlement

How the proposed deal is designed limit payouts to brain-damaged former players

17 September 2014

Hazy Logic

The NFL's marijuana prohibition hurts - not helps - players. Time to end it

Amoral Leverage

The NFL is using brain-damaged retirees as concussion settlement hostages

12 September 2014

Roger Goodell's Tragic Sanctimony

The NFL commissioner saw Richard Nixon crush his father's political career. What did he learn?

08 September 2014

Protecting The Shield

Ray Rice's punishment isn't about right and wrong

04 September 2014

Private Pain, Public Price

How the NFL concussion settlement shifts brain injury costs onto taxpayers

03 September 2014

Welfare King

The NFL neither needs nor deserves tax-exempt status

29 August 2014

Take The Money And Sue

CeCe Bellis shouldn't forfeit her U.S. Open prize money to appease the NCAA

Separate, Unequal, OK

Why amateurism's end won't spell doom for mid-major NCAA sports

16 August 2014

Fending Off A Behemoth

The proposed NFL concussion settlement forecloses on an unrelated painkiller lawsuit

11 August 2014

Split Decision

How the O'Bannon decision is a short-term wrist slap and long-term KO punch to NCAA amateurism