01 August 2015

The College Sportspocalypse That Isn't

The NCAA is fighting the O'Bannon decision with fear of the unknown

18 July 2015

Radio Free Hruby: NPR and the O'Bannon Injunction

The NCAA is asking to delay a federal injunction that would allow athlete pay

01 April 2015

College Sports Welfare

How the NCAA scams taxpayers out of millions

18 March 2015

Who Ruined the NFL Players Union?

NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith's challengers say his tenure has been a failure. Are they right?

01 March 2015

Opaque Union

The upcoming NFLPA head election is turning ugly and shady

"It's the Cigarette Model. It Really Is"

The NFL's latest marketing target? America's children

03 February 2015

Still Unsettled

A federal judge asks for NFL concussion settlement changes. Now what?

23 January 2015

Cheap Heat

Why the WWE concussion lawsuit makes a weak case

14 January 2015

Washington Bailout?

Dear White House: Just say no to a NCAA antitrust exemption

19 December 2014

Pain Blocker

Why a federal judge dismissed the NFL painkiller lawsuit

10 December 2014

Does the NCAA Even Care About Concussions?

The Big Ten is putting teeth behind its concussion protocols. Why won't the NCAA follow suit?

09 December 2014

Makers Into Takers

How not playing college athletes is costing you money

Can a Better Helmet Save Your Kid's Brain?

Is a popular football helmet concussion safety rating system fatally flawed?