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The most interesting pieces I wrote this year
Talking college basketball with USA TODAY's Nicole Auerbach
Welcome back to the NCAA Laboratories of Hypocrisy, year-end edition
Taking college football ills with "The Hundred Yard Lie" author Rick Telander
Twenty-four years ago, "The Hundred Yard Lie" exposed the ills of college football. Has anything really changed?
In defense of sports tanking
Talking PS4, Xbox One and the future of sports gaming with "NBA 2K14" producer Rob Jones
How the NHL suit compares - and contrasts - with the NFL one
My speech at the Drexel University Sports for Social Change Conference
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on youth football's brain damage crisis
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on the Richie Incognito mess
Talking college football with Michael Weinreb
Why the sport world treats marijuana use too harshly
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on instant replay in baseball
Six eye-opening takeaways from the "League of Denial" book
Talking NBA with Sports Illustrated's Chris Ballard
Explaining the NCAA's puzzling Miami penalty logic
Talking NFL life with player-turned-writer Nate Jackson
Explaining the Grambling State football strike
Talking NFL and brain damage with "League of Denial" authors Steve Fainaru and Mark Fainaru-Wada
The NCAA's antitrust defense for college sports amateurism is a legal house of cards
Listen to me debate college sports amateurism at the 2013 Texas TribuneFest
Talking "League of Denial" with my Sports on Earth colleague Will Leitch
Breaking down the documentary the NFL doesn't want you to see
Talking Sports Welfare, NCAA reform and youth football safety with Gregg Easterbrook
It's time for the NFL's non-profit status to change
Talking NCAA amateurism, Arian Foster and more with "Schooled: The Price of College Sports" producer Andrew Muscato
Talking NCAA amateurism, Arian Foster and more with "Schooled: The Price of College Sports" producer Andrew Muscato
Dear NCAA president Mark Emmert: I had a campus job, so why can't college athletes?
Talking gambling, game-fixing and sports conspiracies with author Brian Tuohy
Taking down sports myths with sports economist Rodney Fort
Talking brain damage, the NFL and youth football with "United States of Football" director Sean Pamphilon
Breaking down the proposed NFL concussion lawsuit settlement
Talking sports and politics with Dave Zirin
Talking RGIII and football violence with Dave Sheinin
Talking NCAA and the O'Bannon lawsuit with Sonny Vaccaro
Talking sports genetics and nature versus nurture with "The Sports Gene" author David Epstein
Johnny Manziel, college sports amateurism and autographs: a guide for the perplexed
An open letter to Mark Emmert on the NCAA concussion lawsuit
Don't believe the NCAA's latest doomsday scenario
Why the NCAA is out of the video game business
A modest proposal to solve college basketball's - ahem - "transfer epidemic"
The NFL is considering not inviting academically ineligible college players to the scouting combine. Genius!
Ed O'Bannon's lawsuit could change the NCAA forever
Does tennis have a gambling problem?
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on the thrilling 2013 NBA Finals
Talking NFL, concussions and the curious case of Elliott Pellman with Texas A&M's Tim Lightfoot
Talking football, NCAA,'s Page 2 with Sports on Earth's Will Leitch
Pop Quiz: Defending the Confederate Flag … or the Washington Redskins’ Nickname?
Surprise: dubious NFL-funded youth football study produces dubious conclusions
Just how entangled are the NFL and Elliot Pellman?
Baseball's Biogenesis scandal shows the Sports War on Drugs can only be won one way: dirty
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on Tiger versus Sergio
Rounding up the latest in college sports absurdities
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on why a Washington Redskins name change is unpopular, insufficient and necessary
Why the Washington Redskins' vow to never change team nickname doesn't make economic sense
Younger and cheaper isn't just for "Sunday Night Football" theme-singers
Serena Williams and Sloane Stephens: What else would you expect?
On Ben McLemore, middlemen and the NCAA
The most ridiculous thing ever said about football-related brain trauma
Introducing a semi-regular roundup of ridiculous college sports amateurism news
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on Jason Collins, the NBA's first openly gay player
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on The College Football Playoff and the future of intercollegiate sports
What Roger Goodell's youth football safety letter leaves out
More fair, free and fun: the case for dumping the draft
The Virginia Press Association honors some of my work
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on the Boston Marathon bombings
On the Boston Marathon bombings, and sports fandom in the age of terror
A Q and A with terrorism expert Bill Braniff
An open challenge to the amateurism-defending Oklahoma football coach
Why college athletes need to fight for their own union
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on Rutgers, Mike Rice and abusive coaches
Rutgers, Mike Rice, Mark Emmert and college sports omertà
Making sense of the NCAA president's contentious press conference
More on college sports gold-plating and the problems with amateurism
Why NFL rules changes and the "Heads Up" tackling program are dangerous propaganda
Pro football's latest - and shameless - taxpayer ripoff
A completely sincere open letter
A few words on the psychology of picking an NCAA Tournament upset
What you can learn from our hoops-loving president's NCAA Tournament picks, by the numbers
How to talk tourney
Talking about the price of changing the Washington Redskins' nickname on NPR
What's the true cost of changing the Washington Redskins' name?
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on college basketball's player of the year race
What could possibly be political about the NRA 500?
Talking NBA PEDs (and other stuff) on Edge of Sports radio
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on the absurdity of the NFL Combine
Like teams at the NFL Scouting Combine, I'm just asking
I'm moving to Sports on Earth
Why wouldn't NBA players use performance-enhancing drugs?
This is the best summation I've ever seen
The NFL's cynical, revisionist history on brain trauma isn't a solution. It's part of the problem
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on college basketball's historic scoring drought
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable predicts Super Bowl XLVII
Franco Harris leads movement to reexamine Saundusky scandal, exonerate late Penn State coach Joe Paterno
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on the glorious schadenfreude of the Los Angeles Lakers' train-wreck season
The latest in countersurveillance fashions … for that elusive style
Citadel, Glenn Beck’s Independence, USA, PayPal’s Thiel lead right’s utopian experiments
Lance Armstrong and Manti Te'o: Center of a truth-telling storm
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on T'eoGate
Lawsuits and Lance Armstrong: Can litigation deter sports doping?
On the lost love between Colin Power and the GOP
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on Armstrong's upcoming Oprah appearance
Obama online petition site: Direct democracy or empty gesture?
Blaming Mike Shanahan for RGIII's knee is perfectly reasonable. But football isn't a reasonable game