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Why a federal judge dismissed the NFL painkiller lawsuit
The Big Ten is putting teeth behind its concussion protocols. Why won't the NCAA follow suit?
How not paying college athletes is costing you money
Discussing the proposed NFL concussion settlement
The proposed NFL concussion settlement will cost the league peanuts
How Washington NFL owner Dan Snyder's nickname intransigence plays to his political base
How the proposed deal is designed limit payouts to brain-damaged former players. By Patrick Hruby | VICE Sports | October 2014 K en McClain...
The NFL's marijuana prohibition hurts - not helps - players. Time to end it
The NFL is using brain-damaged retirees as concussion settlement hostages
The NFL commissioner saw Richard Nixon crush his father's political career. What did he learn?
Ray Rice's punishment isn't about right and wrong
How the NFL concussion settlement shifts brain injury costs onto taxpayers
The NFL neither needs nor deserves tax-exempt status
CeCe Bellis shouldn't forfeit her U.S. Open prize money to appease the NCAA
Why amateurism's end won't spell doom for mid-major NCAA sports
The proposed NFL concussion settlement forecloses on an unrelated painkiller lawsuit
How the O'Bannon decision is a short-term wrist slap and long-term KO punch to NCAA amateurism
Breaking down the proposed NCAA concussion settlement
Stanford football coach David Shaw's views on amateurism are misguided
Talking NFL concussion settlement problems on NPR's "Only a Game"
Why former NFL players already are appealing the proposed concussion settlement
Talking LeBron James' return to Cleveland and the rest of a wacky NBA offseason
A conversation about Paul Pierce, newest member of the Washington Wizards
Talking NFL concussion settlement problems with the MoJo Show
What's hidden in the latest NFL settlement approval?
Sorry, NCAA. Amateurism is actually un -American
Talking the O'Bannon trial and the future of college sports with Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples
Talking O'Bannon and NCAA on MSNBC
The ulterior motives behind the new NCAA push for four-year athletic scholarships
Is the revised NFL concussion settlement a good deal for players, or a bait-and-switch?
Breaking down the USPTO's decision to strip Washington's NFL team of nickname trademark protection
Rating the NCAA's defense in the Ed O'Bannon trial
CBS Sports writer Jon Solomon talks the O'Bannon v. NCAA trial
Filmmaker Jeffrey Radice discusses "No-No: A Dockumentary" and Dock Ellis' LSD No-Hitter
Author Dave Zirin on abolishing FIFA and the World Cup protests in Brazil
Will the NFL have to reveal its concussion secrets in open court?
Sports on Earth's Chuck Culpepper and Brian Tuohy talk FIFA corruption, the Qatar bid scandal and World Cup match-fixing
Oregonian columnist John Canzano talks questions and controversies surrounding NBA officiating
Will NFL players take a stand on the Redskins nickname?
Yahoo Sports' Rand Getlin talks NFL painkiller lawsuit, O'Bannon vs. NCAA, Sterling vs. NBA and more
Breaking down the NFL painkiller lawsuit
Looking to exploit someone? Study NFL cheerleaders
New data on brain injuries is bad news for football
Talking basketball with NBA trainer-to-the-stars Idan Ravin
A slightly neurotic conversation about D.C.'s professional basketball team
How a challenge to the proposed NFL concussion settlement exposes the deal's flaws
Talking NFL cheerleader lawsuits with Slate and ESPN the Magazine's Amanda Hess
If the NCAA is about education, then why does it take away athletic scholarships?
Talking Donald Sterling and the NBA with Sports on Earth's Shaun Powell
What will Northwestern's union vote mean for college sports? Glad you asked
LA Magazine's Jesse Katz and ESPN's Dan LeBatard discuss Yasiel Puig and the plight of Cuban baseball defectors
Talking Derrick Gordon and closeted athletes with ESPNw's Kate Fagan
Northwestern's anti-union appeal doesn't hold water
Who cares about an athlete coming out? All of us should
Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott is purposefully missing the point of the college athlete unionization argument
What if college sports administrators and coaches were subject to the same amateur restrictions as players?
ESPN's Bomani Jones talks the NCAA and Northwestern football unionization
Sorry, NCAA: College athletes are employees
Stop measuring Roger Federer against his past, and start appreciating his present
Dan Snyder is right: It's about time Redskins started helping Redskins
Thinkprogress' Travis Waldron on the battle over the Washington Redskins' nickname
It's time to be honest about corruption in big-time sports
The NFL's lawsuit against M.I.A. is laughable
USA Today's Nicole Auerbach talks March Madness
Author Jeff Pearlman talks the "Showtime" Los Angeles Lakers
The NCAA's claim about the money that goes to student athletes doesn't add up.
Sports on Earth's Chuck Culpepper returns to talk all things Sochi Olympics
The NFL has questions about its potential first openly gay player. I have answers
Sports on Earth's Chuck Culpepper talks Michael Sam and the Sochi Olympics
Why college athletic scholarships are not "free" educations
Talking NFL Welfare with Thom Hartmann on "The Big Picture"
Talking the Sochi Olympics, college football unionization, Super Bowl flag-waving and more with author Dave Zirin
My chat with NPR's "Only A Game"
Why it's time for the NFL to embrace - or at least decriminalize - marijuana use
The Atlantic Sports Roundtable on Northwestern Football and the future of college sports
Transgender athlete and advocate Kye Williams talks empathy, understanding, "Dr. V" and more
Explaining Northwestern University football players' bid for unionization
Talking Biogenesis, A-Rod and PED ethics with Sports on Earth's Gwen Knapp
If the NFL concussion settlement's numbers add up, then why are they a mystery?
Why a federal judge rejected the proposed NFL concussion lawsuit settlement
An exclusive interview with the granddaddy of performance-enhancing drugs
The proposed NFL concussion settlement leaves a lot to be desired
Presenting the Washington Redskins franchise dysfunction quiz
Why the NFL should be worried about the Jovan Belcher lawsuit